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Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.  Physiotherapy aims to improve your daily functioning and facilitate returning to hobbies or competing in high level sport.

It is widely believed that Physiotherapy techniques were used as far back as 460BC, when early physicians used elements of Physiotherapy such as manual therapy and massage.  Physiotherapy has developed through the years to become what it is today - a science based profession that uses evidence based research enabling Physiotherapists to provide the most effective form of treatment to their patients.  ‘Physiotherapist’ is a protected healthcare title requiring a professional qualification in Physiotherapy in order to use it.


Physiotherapists can be based in a variety of settings from hospitals and private practices, through to professional sport environments, GP surgeries and hospices.

What do we do at SB Physiotherapy? 


Our Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience and will conduct a full assessment of your symptoms, combining verbal questioning with physical examination. This detailed assessment will inform a comprehensive treatment and management plan to be made with you. The aim of this is not only to treat your immediate symptoms but to minimise the risk of the symptoms returning.  

​Because every condition or injury is different, there is no standard treatment session. Examples of treatment techniques used by Physiotherapists include: 

Manual therapy (joint movement and manipulation)

Soft tissue massage

Exercise therapy 

Taping and strapping



Postural advice and exercises 

Return to sport drills / running re-education

Gait re-education

Muscle imbalance education 


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